Liz Cave

Assistant Director Of Student Ministries

Liz is from Augusta, GA, and recently graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2022. She loves to run, preferably in nature, and take part in any competitive endeavor. Liz is excited to explore her new city and get involved with the community of Christ Church East.

Q: If you could be anywhere else, right this minute, where would it be?
A: At the base of Mt. Everest fully prepared to summit with 3 of my closest friends (as well as accompanied by an expert hiking guide). And after I would like to be immediately transferred to Santorini, if possible.

Q: What’s your favorite word in the English language?
A: Facetious. Fun to say, rolls off the tongue, and makes you sound smart.

East Staffers describe Liz in one word as: “Polymath”